Thursday, February 24, 2011

dorm room door

Like many students, when I went off to college I secured a spot in the typical dorm and was randomly placed with a name. You hear so many horror stories of these scary pairings but I had the opposite - an experience I wish for everyone and pray my children get to have.

T was unlike anyone I had ever met and she scared me for about 30 seconds (mostly because she liked Britney Spears.) But then I loved her. By our second day everyone we met assumed we had been friends for years.

On our second night together she woke me up to tell me not to worry about the blood on the carpet. And that she might need a motorized wheelchair.
On Sundays she would say she was going to church, pull our dorm-issued desk chairs together to create a bench, sit quietly with her hands together... and crank Madonna's like a prayer at full volume.

She let me paste pictures of my completelyobsessedcelebritycrush Heath Ledger all over our dorm room door. Until someone stole them. Which I couldn't even be angry about because I get it, they were adorable.

We ended up living together for four years. She can still make me laugh harder than just about anyone on our little planet.

To my energetic, happy and hilarious T, we need a late night of cocktails and pokey sticks sometime soon. And Shakira songs. And your red pleather pants from Prague. And paper mache that I will spill on the carpet. Also, thanks for being awesome.

Heath Ledger photographed by Bruce Weber for the 2000 Vanity Fair article.
Any good roommate stories?


Miss Lindsay said...

i was terrified of having a bad roommate.. luckily my school had singles for early decision!
i love britney... and probably would have been the scary one had i been paired up.

emmy-ray said...

Sophomore year I had the WORST roommate for half a semester. I should've know things were going to be bad when everything she owned had pink fur attached to it (we're talking lamps, chairs, etc.). She smoked in our room, only got out of bed to go to class once a week, her boyfriend pretty much moved in after a few days (without asking), and she even go caught shaving his back in the suites bathroom once. What the?!? It was the worst, but it gave me some good stories.