Sunday, February 27, 2011

the things we seek

I am not sure why I titled this post what I did. Sometimes your brain spits things out - it's probably moving one step ahead of where your mind is. If that makes sense.
Random thoughts:

Our books are arranged by color.

The Oscars. Overall I'd say I was completely underwhelmed with the fashion - for the whole awards season really. I don't know, just (in my opinion) no iconic ensembles. Nothing I will remember in a week. Who knew Anne Hathaway had such pipes? Totally impressed on the singing. Totally un-impressed with James Franco. The set was gorgeous. What did you think?
I think I am addicted to Jimmy Johns. #6, easy mayo, don't be shy with the avo.

I am excited for this week. Really excited. I hope you are too.
Go get 'em tiger.


Unknown said...

was travelling home
so missed the oscars
so organised your bookshelf
and love a bit of random


oh so lovely said...

okay, I love the idea of organizing books by so going to do that!

rachel rianne said...

dresses weren't so oscarish this year...
but mila kunis and cate blanchett did it for me.
i just really want to wear their dresses!

and i LOVE your color coordinated books.
i'm moving into a new place...
i'll have to try that out... :)

Easley said...

I agree, the oscars were less than "watchworthy". I did really dig Anne Hathaway's singing too! Blown away in fact!

LOVE the color arranged books!

b said...

That's awesome! It makes me really want to arrange my books by cover...although I don't think I'd every be able to find something then! ;)
(ps. My blog has moved to a new location! Be sure to check it out)