Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have been singing this little ditty over and over to myself the last few days. I just feel like I'm about to step into the sun.

I am typically a cold-weather gal. But this winter? Has been too much. Anyone agree?
Luckily I feel like Spring is finally, almost here. Add the this-exam-is-almost-done, ill-have-free-time-again cheer mixed in with an exciting new step in life to look forward to... and you have one positive-outlook gal.

I just need to keep repeating this to myself this weekend, when its cold and rainy and I have locked myself in a conference room with textbooks for 9 hours.

Almost there.


Fashionably Learning To Be said...

The feeling after a big exam is over is like nothing else. Your time is finally yours again! I'm a bit sad to see winter go. I LOVE sweaters and warm blazers. However, I'm loving the warm air on my bare legs too.

- Angela

canvas wall art said...

Love Mumford & Sons, thanks a lot and good luck!