Sunday, April 3, 2011

waking up


Seriously feeling awesome today. I don't care if awesome is a dorky word to use. Feeling awesome. Test? Done! Unfortunately I don't find out the results for a few months (months?!) but it's done!

The test was all day Friday and Saturday - so I had a lot of weekend to make up on Sunday. Spent some time outdoors snapping pictures of the little blooms popping up all around, did some spring cleaning and a quick house project. That's right - a house project in one day! I'll post pictures asap.

But yay! That's all, just yay! I hope you had a great weekend and are having a fabulous hair day today.

Harlow also says yay.


Beth Grace said...

Well I feel extra cheesy then, because I use the word "awesome" on a daily basis. Oh well, I'll embrace said cheesy-ness. :)
Congrats on finishing the test! The months will most likely drag by, because that's what always happens when you want something. haha But the pictures are lovely, and Harlow is as cute as ever. For real, send her (its a girl, right?!) to me?


Weas said...

HAH! Awesome is an incredible word! Just ask Barney Stinson, or me!

abigail said...

oh, Harlow! so cute!

wall art said...

Ahh look at Arcie, he's loving it.