Monday, April 4, 2011

one day window


My bathroom has (for a bathroom anyway) a very large window. At some point a previous owner installed this greenhouse window-thing with shelves and little ventilation holes and the whole shenanigans. Which is great. Except for the part where I don't like my neighbors to watch me when I'm in the bathroom. Just a personal choice. Sooo the clunky/heavy blinds stay closed pretty much all the time. Which makes the otherwise-lit-with-two-little-sconces bathroom pretty dim.

This morning I commented to my husband that if we could just apply some quick frosted film then I could leave that puppy open all the time. And even (gasp) put a little plant out there. I'm not good with plants - kind of a death sentence to come live with me. I don't know what it is, I make a valiant effort. I digress.


One quick trip to Home Depot, $20 and 2 hours later - we had a frosted window. You can see the top almost skylight-type portion we left un-filmed. The only thing that's visible out of it is trees (no neighbors) and this way if I do decide to have/kill plants they still get a little sun. We used the Gila privacy frosted film. I was worried going in that this could be a disaster that ended up looking like we superglued plastic wrap to the windows, but luckily I was wrong and it went up pretty easily (we followed the directions. yay!)

Once we had the film up we decided the blinds weren't really necessary and the whole window looked much happier without them. A little screwdriver action and voila! It seriously feels like a new bathroom, so bright and cheery- and bigger! Now we just need to work on the multiple layers of painted wallcovering surrounding the window... but that is for another day.

*sorry for the ehh photos - it's hard to photograph in a bathroom...

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Meghan said...

Wow! What a super creative and simple idea!