Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pretentious ass recipe

I have to thank miss Emmy-Ray for recommending I check out My Drunk Kitchen. It's the best cooking show to ever be created in all of time. Love the editing, love the humor and love her.
Favorite line? "Some people are afraid of burning some people's apartments down. I'm not. I'm not afraid of anything."


Renee@Modus Operandi Designs said...

that's just plain awesome! lol

Beth Grace said...

"Pretentious ass recipe..." I laughed so hard! I love how she gets increasingly angry throughout the video and less enthused with actually cooking.


Uncle Beefy said...

Hi. LARIOUS! Oh, this made my day! Thanks for the introduction! Loved it! :)

wall art said...

What a great video, haha it's brilliant.