Monday, August 22, 2011

fairyland resort

At the end of July we went up to northern Michigan to a spot my family has been gathering for a long time. It's definitely one of my favorite places on our little planet. I have more photos to share from the trip, but one of the highlights was this random discovery on the beach one evening. We saw a funny cluster of rocks where the sand met the grass and got closer to investigate. We ended up finding these masterpieces. Tiny little villages someone must have spent hours creating. An insane amount of hours. I can't even describe them and I know the photos don't do justice.
There was a gym - complete with a basketball court (colored rocks created the pattern on the court floor), weight room (dumbbells in all sizes made with little berries on blades of grass) and a punching bag (pinecone suspended by blades of grass). We found an amusement park with rides, a house (dining room table had plates and food). Just this tiny, detailed little world.  
Still fascinated. They created it knowing that the first gust of wind/high tide/dog running etc could come along and everything would be destroyed.
Just a little bit of magic.


Pesky Cat Designs said...

How magical! Thanks for sharing!

joanna of sbp said...

so cute! I think that they had the best time when they were creating it. even knowing that it would be destroyed... but think how lovely that it still lives on...

simply said...

Oh wow what wonderful pictures, looks like a lovely place.