Sunday, November 13, 2011


So it's apparent how long I've been gone when blogger itself has completely changed in my absence and I have to relearn how to use the darn thing.
Alas, I'm here.

I found this set of stamps a few months ago at a thrift/antique spot in Kansas City. I rarely have the cajones to negotiate at those places but I managed to on this guy - making it all the sweeter. The case needed some wood-glue-lovin-repair and the stamp pad had dried up decades ago, but I loved how used it felt. Clearly created something, somewhere for someone.

This is where I'm going to break some crafter's little heart. I want to display this lovely piece on the wall. Which would result it all of the stamps tumbling to the ground unless you glue each one in place with a little dab o glue. Which is what I did.

I wanted to give a few of the stamps a last hurrah before sticking them in place for the next few decades. Voila - stamp photo shoot. Work it.