Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sheer white

Sheer curtain inspiration.
So this week I'm finishing my first big room makeover in the house. Wallpaper down. Trim down. Skim coat on. Buy curtain fabric. Primer on walls/ceiling. Paint on walls/ceiling/trim. Sewing machine breaks. More paint when color is wrong. New trim cut and painted. Sewing machine being repaired. Nurse hands/wrists that have lost all motor skills from painting.

And almost voila!

Getting my sewing machine back this weekend and I'm pumped to whip up the sheers and get our wall of photos up. I promise before and after photos when it's finished!
*I'm watching Kristen Stewart on Letterman right now. Part of me gets her humor -that she doesn't feed into a lot of the bs. But honestly she comes off as so un-likable. Cheer up little chica.


Kitty Stampede said...

you are one busy chika! can`t wait to see the end result. with your taste, i`m sure it will be awesome!

kelly ann said...

i totally understand the whole k.stew thing... sometimes i really like her, and something i just want to slap a smile on her face! ;)

so excited about your room makeover! i have no doubt it will be gorgeous. :)